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How to use Voxloud's AI Assistant to analyze sentiment and get automatic conversation summaries
How to use Voxloud's AI Assistant to analyze sentiment and get automatic conversation summaries

Get call summary and sentiment analysis of the conversation with Voxloud's artificial intelligence.

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Gone are the days when you had to listen to entire calls at double speed, ask your colleagues and sift through notes in the CRM to find an information, because Voxloud's AI Assistant does all this for you!

  • Save time when analyze calls

  • Speed ​​up and make staff training more efficient

  • Improve customer satisfaction with more accurate information

Voxloud's AI Assistant offers a new and powerful work tool for sales and support teams to increase productivity and collaboration thanks to call sentiment analysis and conversation summary.

What do you get from Voxloud's AI Assistant

  • Get a written summary of the call

  • Know the emotional state of the customer during the call

  • Get a full transcript of the conversation

All this automatically, without you having to do anything. And call recording is included!

How to activate the AI ​​Assistant

Go to the Voxloud shop found in the Control Panel.

Under "Additional Products", find "AI Assistant + Call Recording" and click "Buy Now":

The AI Assistant is now active and enabled. All calls will be recorded and analyzed in real time and you will be provided with feedback on the quality of the conversation with customers.

Where do I find call analytics?

Go to Control Panel and enter your "Call Log".

Choose the call you want to analyze and locate the "Sentiment Score" column at the bottom of the call details row.

Here you will find an emoji that will indicate the emotional quality (in technical jargon "sentiment", which translates as "feeling", "sensation" in Italian) of the conversation that took place with a customer.

How to read and analyze call sentiment

When you are in the "Call log" section, locate the call you want to analyze and move the cursor to the emoji found under "Sentiment score".

The sentiment score of the conversation is displayed with different emojis on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 represents an angry/frustrated emotional state and 100 a happy/satisfied emotional state of the users in the conversation.



Angry user



Unsatisfied user



Neither satisfied nor unsatisfied user



Satisfied user



Happy user

Call analysis can have 3 different states:

Non yet analyzed

Analysis in progress



Copy the summary or transcript of the call

Locate the call, click on the details (the "Play" symbol on the right) and hover over the text.

When this menu appears, simply click on the text to copy it.

When the text is copied, you will see this message in the menu:

How to view the call summary

Voxloud's AI Assistant can generate a summary of the call, allowing you to understand the context and topic of the call at a glance. This way you will be able to immediately find the call you were looking for.

Call details for complete version:

Call details for free version:

What are the differences between the free version and the full version?

Voxloud's AI Assistant can be active, in some cases, in the free version or in the full version. To make sure you have the full version, talk to your Voxloud Specialist (click on the "Purchase addon" button in the "AI data" section) or open a chat with the button at the bottom right of the screen.

Free version

You have all the features of the AI ​​Assistant, but to request call analysis and view the result you will have to open the individual call and request conversation processing (clicking on the "Start processing" button in the "AI Data" section).

The free version is indicated with the robot symbol in the "Sentiment Analysis" column and this text alert: "You are using the free version of AI Assistant. To analyze the call, open the details and start processing."

Complete version

You have all the features of the AI ​​Assistant and every call will be automatically analyzed by Voxloud's Artificial Intelligence, without you having to do anything.

The full version directly indicates the sentiment of the call via an emoji and by moving the cursor over it you will immediately see the score of the conversation.

Do you need further support?

The Voxloud support team is always by your side.

Contact support at [email protected] or open a chat by clicking the button at the bottom right.

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