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Phone book and Shared contacts
Phone book and Shared contacts

Manage and edit your contacts in the Voxloud ecosystem in just a few clicks.

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Find out how to manage and edit shared contacts within the Voxloud ecosystem in just a few clicks, from Control Panel, Desktop App and VoIP phones (Smart and Air).

Control Panel

Inside the Voxloud Control Panel you will find the "Phone book" section where you can manage your shared contacts.

In this section you can add the contacts you want to share on all your Voxloud devices and with all users, as well as find the contacts from your CRMs.

How can I add new contacts to my shared address book?

By clicking on the "+" button you can add a single contact or multiple contacts at once to your shared address book by importing a CSV or vCard file.

Furthermore, in the "Call history" section you can directly add a contact by moving the cursor over the number and clicking on the "+" symbol:

The new contact creation tab will open and you will add it to your shared contacts.

How can I determine who can edit shared address book contacts?

Enter the "Team" section and enable the "Edit contacts" option on the user you want to give or remove permissions to edit shared contacts.

Warning: keep in mind that all users can view the contacts in the shared address book.

Desktop App

In the Voxloud app you can manage 4 different address books (Internals, Favorite Contacts, Locals, Shared Contacts).

Internal: all contacts linked to your company phone system, with status indicators for each contact (free, busy).

Favorite Contacts: Contacts that you have marked as "favorites" and which will also appear in the Dashboard.

Locals: Contacts saved directly in your Desktop App.

Shared contacts: contacts shared by your CRM or present in your shared address book in the Control Panel (to have this function, make sure your plan includes integrations or the shared address book).

VoIP devices (Smart and Air)

On Voxloud VoIP phones (the Smart desktop phone and the Air cordless) you can view the shared address book by clicking on the dedicated button.


Dedicated key to access the shared phone book: "Phone book" multifunction key located in the third position under the phone screen.


Dedicated key to access the shared phonebook: "Phonebook" multifunction button located on the right under the phone screen.

Do you need further support?

The Voxloud support team is always by your side.

Contact support at [email protected] or open a chat by clicking the button at the bottom right.

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