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Integration with Close CRM
Integration with Close CRM
Find out how to easily integrate Close CRM with Voxloud
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Exploit the full potential of Voxloud with this native integration with Close CRM.

On this page you can find out everything you can do with this integration.

How to activate the integration

To enable integration, log into your Voxloud Control Panel. You can access it from this link.

Now go to the "Shop" and select the "Integrations" box.

Click on "Purchase".

Now click on "Integrations" in the left menu.

Select the Close CRM integration and click on "Integrate Close CRM".

Now connect your Close CRM account to Voxloud by authorizing the connection via the Close CRM API Key.

In Close CRM, go to settings and in the "Connect" menu select "API Keys".

Now create a new API key.

Copy the new API key, you will need it in the Voxloud control panel.

Return to the Voxloud control panel and continue from the previous step.

Click on "Add Close CRM API Key".

Insert the Close CRM API key.

Give the authorization a name and click "Next".

Now select the data source and click on "Next".

Select the owner of the account and then click on "Next".

Your integratio with Close CRM is now active!

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