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VoIP Customer's Requirements
VoIP Customer's Requirements

To make sure that your activation and portability of Voxloud goes flawlessly, here are some things you need to check.

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Speed Test

Ping / Jitter / Download / Upload

Compliant / Not Compliant

WAN IP Address

Check the Router configuration

Public IP class is needed

Compliant / Not Compliant

PC resources

Task Manager → Performance

CPU / RAM / Disk Type

Compliant / Not Compliant

Speed test

Connections type

It is recommended to have a 1MB Download and Upload connection speed for each device.

For example, a dedicated connection with Download >100MB / Upload >10MB is acceptable for up to 10 devices

Please Note: If a customer does not have a dedicated connection and only having a Download speed less than 30Mbps and an Upload speed of less than 5Mbps with 5 devices connected, it may result to problems with outbound calls. Considering other computers are also connected to the same network.

If you want to know how much data does a call consume, click here.

Fiber Connection

With this type of internet service, multiple devices can be connected.
If it’s a huge organization, the internet connection must be dedicated only for the VoIP service.

Radio Bridge (long-range wireless)

With this type of connections, pay attention to a stable Jitter and to micro-disconnections.

FWA - Fixed Wireless Access

With these type of connections, VoIP service is not recommended because of its private WAN IP (Wide Area Network) addresses and multiple NATs (Network Address Translations) properties.

Router specifications

The provider router must have the following:

  • WAN IP Address

    • Routers must not receive a private IP address from the provider included in the following address pools:
      172.16.x.x -> 172.31.x.x
      192.168.0.x -> 192.168.255.x

      100.64.0.x → 100.127.255.x

  • DHCP enabled:

    • The customer LAN must have a DHCP server enabled, whether it is in the router or on a designated server.

  • Router with high performance

    • If it’s a huge organization, the router must be able to manage multiple number of connected devices.
      Usually, service provider routers doesn’t have enough ports. In this case, it is recommended that the customer must secure a high-performance router to be integrated with the main router.

PC specifications

It is recommended to consider the following PC specifications:

Recommended System Specifications:

  • Intel i3 / AMD Ryzen 3 or higher (Processor)

  • RAM 8GB (memory)

  • Disk Type = SSD (Solid State Drive)

  • Windows 10 or macOS Operating System

  • USB Port or Audio Port for Mic Headset

Please note that this is the minimum recommended specification.
If the customer's PC is not to it’s optimum performance, it can be upgraded with some components, like additional RAM (Memory), Hard Disk type, and others. With this, VOIP quality is not guaranteed if other installed applications require a lot of resources.

LAN infrastructure

  • Firewall configuration needs to be open to VOIP traffic. In Voxloud we use different IP addresses which depend on the customer's account. Request to Voxloud support the list of the IP address to open the traffic on your Firewall.

These are also the ports to open and/or to which associate the traffic allowed by the IPs.












websocket for desktop app


websocket secure for desktop app

from 16384 to 32768


  • Multiple hops on different devices can cause packet loss

  • Beware of low-quality network devices (low-cost switches/power line device/Wi-Fi extender)

  • The Airbase must be positioned in an open space and not closed inside a rack


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