Of course, making all the apps and Voxloud certified phones ring together, after the phone system has answered automatically, has never been easier.

Just log into the control panel as Administrator:

Click on the number you want to modify on the left and select “Rules”.

  • in step 1 you can set the open time slots, (i.e. the time when the extensions can ring).

  • in step 2 customise the welcome message the caller will hear;

  • in step 3 you can select the users to whom the call will arrive.

Finally, you can decide, in the case of no answer, whether to activate an answering machine, an operator busy message or call forwarding to an external number (mobile or landline).

Finally, click on “Save” at the top right and your phone system will be ready to let your incoming calls be handled by all users at the same time.

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