With Voxloud you can change the voice on your phone system in 3 simple ways:

Option 1: Choose one of the standard Voxloud voices

You can choose one of the standard Voxloud voices (male or female) and the language in which the message will be read (Italian or English) directly within the rule.

Log in to the Control Panel as Administrator

Click on Company name (in our case Voxloud) in the left column and go to Rules.

Select the rule you want to change (in our example, Office opening), in welcome message choose the type of item you prefer and, finally, click on Save at the top right.


remember that the message must be written in the same language as that selected (Italian or English)

Option 2: Upload your recordings

Select the rule you want to change (in our example Office opening) and in welcome message click on Upload mp3.

Then upload your mp3 message in Upload new and click on Save at the top right.

Option 3: Record a Voxloud professional message

To give an even more professional image from your first contact with customers, you can hire one of our professional speakers, who will record your audio, after performing spelling and grammar checks on the texts to be recorded, in addition to checking the diction, cleanness and clarity of the voice.

We can send you a no-obligation quote; simply click Start to request your professional voice quote.

For any questions or clarifications, our team is at your disposal via live chat or, if you prefer, call us on 06 976 31 527.

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