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What is Voxloud?
How Voxloud videoconferencing works
How Voxloud videoconferencing works
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Voxloud videoconferencing allows you to communicate more naturally with your team thanks to the virtual rooms that you can create with a click.

What makes Voxloud videoconferencing unique

  • User-friendly

    • Full control of the video conference, with a user-friendly interface

  • No download needed

    • Access Video Conference directly from the Voxloud Mac and PC apps

  • Features you need

    • Instant messaging while the conference, screen sharing and possibility to change background image.

  • Each user has his own room

    • Each Voxloud User has a dedicated virtual room, with a URL that can be shared any time to invite whoever you want

Discover all the features of Voxloud videoconferencing here.

How to activate the videoconference

  1. Open the Voxloud desktop app and click on the camera symbol at the bottom left. You will see this screen:

2. In the "Videoconference name" field enter the name you want to give to the room and click on "Create videoconference" to create the shareable link of the room.

3. Click on the symbol next to the link to copy the shareable link of the videoconference to the clipboard. To join the videoconference and talk to your colleagues, click on "Open videoconference".

4. The browser page you use to browse the internet will open with this screen. Here you will need to select the microphone and camera you want to use for video conferencing. After choosing the camera and microphone (step 1 in the image), click on "Allow" (step 2 in the image).

5. The video conference room will open automatically.

Videoconference controls

Scegli il microfono da utilizzare

Choose the microphone to use

Choose the camera to use

Change the background image

Go to videoconference advanved settings

Do you need further support?

  • Open a chat with the button at the bottom right

  • Write to us at [email protected]

  • Call us at +39 06 97631527

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