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Mac and Windows app

The desktop apps for Mac and Windows allow you to make the most of your Voxloud cloud phone system, with calls, video conferencing and integrations with other platforms.


App menu

  • Videoconference (beta)

  • Contacts

  • Keypad

  • Events (call history)

  • Settings

How to make a call

Form the keypad:

  • Dial a number or paste it from the clipboard (ctrl+v)

  • Click on the green start call button

Or, from the address book or call log, simply click on a contact to call them immediately.

How to make a call transfer (with notification)

While you are on a call:

  • Select "Transfer" on the screen.

  • Then click on the name of the colleague you want to transfer the call to

  • Warn your co-worker of the imminent switch

  • Click on "Complete" to transfer the call

How to make a videoconference

With the Voxloud desktop app you can start a video conference between several people in just a few clicks.

  • To start a video conference, click on "Video" in the menu below.

  • Choose the name of the video conference and click on "Create video conference"

To start the video conference immediately, click on "Open video conference".


If, on the other hand, you want to give the link for a colleague to participate, click the red "copy" button next to the link. Anyone with this link will be able to join the videoconference.

App settings

To access the settings, click the "Settings" symbol at the bottom right of the menu.


In the Voxloud desktop app settings you can:

  • Activate or deactivate "Do not disturb"

  • Activate a call waiting

  • Change the sound settings

  • Choose the language

  • Change preferences of connected CRMs (you will need active integrations)

  • Manage desktop notifications

  • Switch or disconnect your account

You can download the previous desktop app for Windows here and for MacOS here.

More questions?

Contact our support team at [email protected] or open a chat by clicking the button at the bottom right.

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