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What is Voxloud?
Can I use Voxloud with a normal analogue phone?
Can I use Voxloud with a normal analogue phone?
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Voxloud is a cloud PBX that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. Analogue phones are not compatible.

To receive and make calls, you must use our VoIP phones, already configured and guaranteed by Voxloud, with Kasko insurance included.

Voxloud certified phones integrate seamlessly with your cloud PBX, ensuring the highest call quality and advanced features such as:

  • customer waiting

  • call transfers between extensions

  • BLF (availability status)*

  • Call pick-up*

* on Smart and Control models only

For more information, call us on 06 976 31 527. Our experts will help you select the Voxloud phone that is right for you!

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