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Can I use Voxloud without porting my number?
Can I use Voxloud without porting my number?
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If you are not ready to port or prefer to start using Voxloud while keeping the number with the previous operator, you can redirect the calls to the Voxloud phone system.

Just set up call forwarding from your current landline number to the courtesy number that will be assigned to you. This will allow you to use your Voxloud PBX without having to cancel your old contract.

To activate call forwarding, you must enter a code directly from the landline phone connected to the line.

Whatever your telephone company, the code to enter is:

* 2 1 * + destination phone number + #

Alternatively, you can always call the operator’s technical support and request them to activate call forwarding to the Voxloud landline number.

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