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Can I use Voxloud with desk phones (VoIP)?
Can I use Voxloud with desk phones (VoIP)?
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Of course! You can get the Voxloud certified and guaranteed VoIP phones that are already configured and ready to use. When you receive them, you simply take them out of the box and connect them to your network cable to immediately start making and receiving calls with your Voxloud PBX!

In this way, we eliminate the installation time and technical support costs you would have to pay to have them installed by a technician!

All is included in the monthly fee: support, insurance and warranty!

Why use Voxloud certified and guaranteed phones instead of other brands?


  • You can use them without limits at a fixed monthly price (including support and insurance);

  • You get the newest and latest generation equipment at no additional cost;

  • Voxloud insurance covers you for everything: damage, theft & fire (just like Kasko car insurance!)

  • Your only responsibility is to use the equipment in the right environment. You can enjoy cutting-edge technology effortlessly.

Voxloud phones are included in the All-Inclusive and Phone plans.

All All-Inclusive and Phone users are given a Voxloud phone. They can freely choose from the following models:

The Voxloud SMART desk phone is a VoIP phone with a high-quality colour display and HD audio. Its intuitive interface offers extreme ease of use to all. No frills. Perfect for SMEs.

Voxloud AIR is a turnkey DECT cordless telephony solution designed to provide communication mobility and continuity. Cordless phones are essential in shops, restaurants, gyms, commercial businesses, warehouses and offices on multiple floors.

Smart and Air phones are included in your plan at no additional cost. For an addition fee per user of € 16 per month, you can request the CONTROL.

The CONTROL desk phone from Voxloud is designed for managers, assistants and receptionists. This phone offers the most ideal speed dial buttons, to improve productivity and efficiency and eliminate the need to scroll through lists on the screen.

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