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How do I fill out the portability form?
How do I fill out the portability form?
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With Voxloud, you can get a new number or port your old number.

We offer you portability for free! (it normally costs € 35 + VAT).

The migration time is approximately 3 weeks, during which you can safely continue to use the previous provider’s services.

To request number portability, log in to in your control panel in administrator mode and click on the Shop button at the bottom left. Inside, you’ll find the ‘Portability on a landline network’ section at the bottom of the page. Click the Request for Free button.

Step 1. Number to migrate:

  • indicate whether it is a telephone or fax number

  • enter the number to migrate

  • select you current operator from the drop-down menu

Step 2. Number registration details to migrate

  • check whether the number registration details are correct or you need to update them

  • enter the secret code (migration code), which you can easily find in your last phone bill

  • check the first box if you want your name included in the new telephone directories.

Step 3. Download and sign the pre-filled form. Click on Download module in order to print and sign it.

Step 4. Upload the completed and signed module. You can upload your form by clicking on Upload file.

Continue by completing steps 2 and 3.

Finally, click on Submit form to start porting your number.

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