Voxloud offers many advantages, which can be summarised in 5 essential points:

  • Savings on your bill: there are no activation or installation costs. You only pay for your subscription, with no hidden penalties;

  • Ease of use: you can manage your Voxloud PBX with full autonomy and configure the phone system without having to rely on external technicians;

  • Specialised technical support included in your subscription;

  • Eliminates the boundaries of the office: connect anytime, anywhere with mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (Mac and Windows) applications;

  • Scalability: unlike traditional systems, which require expensive hardware upgrades and long waiting times, Voxloud lets you add phone lines and extensions to your PBX with a simple click.

Visit our site and discover all the features the Voxloud PBX can offer you.

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